About Us

Dr. Candrice R. Heath (Dr. Candrice) is a highly respected triple board-certified dermatologist who is also board-certified in pediatrics and pediatric dermatology. She is a nationally recognized author, speaker and expert in dermatology for children and adults.  

Dr. Candrice is dedicated to taking the education she gives patients every day and delivering it to hard-working, busy, multi-tasking individuals on the go. Please be sure to check for emails from My Sister’s Beauty and follow us on social media so you don’t miss the next educational seminar.

Dr. Candrice loves designing platinum level skin care regimens by melding her knowledge as a dermatologist, expert in skin of color, clinical researcher and beauty expert. This melding has resulted in special skin care products for women of color designed to be powerful and simple - so you can implement it without sacrificing your routine.

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